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Board President

Taylor Swindle

Taylor Swindle is the Chief Financial Officer for Gingrich 360.  He manages financial and Human Resources operations.  Prior to joining Gingrich 360, Swindle worked on the Newt 2012 Presidential Campaign and coordinated grassroots fundraising for conservative issues.  Before that, he worked for a trade association and National Public Radio.  Swindle earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of West Florida and received an MBA from Liberty University.  Outside of Gingrich 360, Swindle leads Political Action Committees and supports Everglades Conservation.

Richard Rice, Vice President of K9's for Veterans Abroad
Board Vice President and Founder

Richard Rice, MSW

Richard Rice, MSW, is a 38-year-old combat Veteran from Las Vegas N.V. As a Military brat he grew up with a sense of Patriotism for his country and a deep found respect for the Armed Forces. Richard Rice graduated High School at Cimmaron Memorial High School and had aspirations to go to college and earn a four-year degree. Instead, a tragic day altered his plans for the future and changed his life forever.

Due to the horrific events on September 11, 2001, his heart was hardened to join the Military and to do what he could to protect his homeland and the people he loved. In 2003 Richard Rice joined the Army as a 13 W and attended Boot Camp at Fort Benning Georgia. After being stationed in Germany, he received his new orders and was reassigned to the 2nd Infantry Division at Fort Carson Co.  Richard Rice was deployed to Iraq in 2006 and was stationed at Fob Loyalty where he was assigned to the Quick Reaction Force Team. 

On September 23, 2006, Richard Rice was flown out of Iraq due to life-threatening injuries to his leg and ankle.  During this time Richard was given the wrong medication and was consciously paralyzed for over an hour. These events contributed to Richard Rice suffering from PTSD for a period of over five years. Fortunately, Richard found his way back with the help of a Service Dog. Through his dog, Richard learned to see the world through a new set of eyes, and she became the light he needed to find his way out of the dark whole he was in. Because of that experience, Richard decided to dedicate his life to helping soldier's with PTSD and TBI. 

For the past ten years, Richard has been training Service Dog's for soldier's with PTSD, and the physically disabled and in 2023 he became an AKC Approved CGC Evaluator. Richard Rice spent the past three years conducting weekly therapy visits within the LRMC hospital to visit the staff, wounded and ill and spent two years conducting monthly visits with the Evolution Program at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

Richard Rice graduated from Salisbury University with his Master's Degree in Social Work in 2021. 

Geri Henderson, Treasurer of K9's for Veterans Abroad
Board Treasurer

Geri Henderson, PhD


Geri Henderson, PhD, is a professor for UMGC, University of Maryland Global Campus and the happy owner of her own service dog, Jami, trained by Richard. Her interest in K9s for Veterans Abroad is the perfect blend of her desire to help her students, all military, in any way she can and her belief from experience that a service dog can have wonderful healing properties and be the link needed to move from a life of fear and dread to a life of joy and fulfillment. As Treasurer, she tends to worry about cash flow but is honored to be able to give back to the military community where she works.

A photo of Verena Rice with her son, husband, and family dog. Verena is Secretary of K9's for Veterans Abroad
Board Secretary

Verena Rice

Verena Rice completed her degree in Business-Management and has supported various departments within an accredited ADI and ADEu Non-Profit Organization that trains Service Dog's. Verena is also a dedicated mother and spouse to a combat veteran who has endured PTSD. Due to this experience, she has a vast wealth of knowledge in operating a Non-Profit, but more importantly, the personal experience to know how PTSD impacts a family's lives and the passion for supporting and helping others overcome the stressors of PTSD. This has allowed Verena to have numerous close and trusting relationships with female Veteran's and spouses who require support as we fulfill our mission. It is an exceptional quality that enables her to train and give security to the new dogs that enter the program. 

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