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Noahs New Puppy
Noah's New Puppy


Noah's New Puppy was written from veteran and K9s for Veterans Abroad Vice President Richard Rice's, MSW own experience of post-war PTSD. He  shares this story with families of small children to help them understand the suffering of their parents and the healing effects a dog can bring to the whole family. The Parent's Guide encourages conversations between parents and their children about PTSD, post-deployment issues, or parents and children suffering from depression. Geri Henderson, PhD, Treasurer of K9s for Veterans Abroad was the co-author of this wonderful children's book.

Is this my job - a working dog adventure book
Is This  My Job?

A Working Dog Adventure

This fun and educational children's book was written by Cindy Cope, Puppy Program Manager for K9s for Warriors. It follows the journey of a dog named Sophie. Sophie attends Canine Career Day and meets fellow dogs representing the service, assistance, and therapy industries. She also meets working dogs from the acting, circus, and sledding world, among others. Sophie will try to choose which job is best for her as she imagines herself in each role. A warmhearted tale with vivid, whimsical illustrations.

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