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K9s for Veterans Abroad Ambassador

Hi! My name is Izzy! I was born on August 14th, 2020. I am the sweetest dog you will ever meet, ever. Some people think I’m too timid but really, this is my trick to make you love me and sometimes feel sorry for me, a great technique to get my way. I’ve mastered all of my commands and I can go everywhere with my humans and be very polite. Some people say I’m very smart, not to brag, of course. I love making friends at the USO and the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and am now the K9s for Veterans Abroad Ambassador and looking forward to continuing my weekly visits.

Izzy 2.jpg

Izzy is Ella's sister. She is currently in Florida with her amazing  puppy raiser. She has mastered her basic commands and is now working on advanced commands as well as her public access skills. She will come to our training facility when she is ready to learn her skills as a service dog and be teamed with a veteran in need. 

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