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Bert is our newest addition to our K9s for Veterans Abroad family. He is a Berniedoodle and has the sweetest temperament. We are looking forward to all the future joy he will bring! 

Izzy 2.jpg

Izzy is Ella's sister. She is currently in Florida with her amazing  puppy raiser. She has mastered her basic commands and is now working on advanced commands as well as her public access skills. She will come to our training facility when she is ready to learn her skills as a service dog and be teamed with a veteran in need. 

Faith Puppy_edited.png

             Faith is the newest member of our pack and her name suites her                 perfectly. We know that she will bring faith and hope to her         

             future veteran. Her love and loyalty bring so much light even

             during dark times.



 My name is Chef and I’m a happy-go-lucky dog. I was born on the  4th of January 2022. Now I am almost 9 months old. My masters tend to forget that I’m still a puppy because of my size. I plan to be a Big Dog when I grow up. I like to hold things in my mouth especially human hands that way I can take you for a walk. As of now I know all my basic commands like “sit, stand, stay, come, look at me, etc.” but I am still working on not jumping on people. I can’t help it—I love them so much!


             Sam is currently in Florida with his wonderful raiser Marie and will              be joining us soon. He is the perfect hypoallergenic poodle for                  one of our Veterans, who suffers with allergies.

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