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Bert, Bernesdoodle service dog in training. Ramstein, Germany.


I am Bert, the proud father of Raven and I am a Bernedoodle. I have the sweetest temperament and am eager to become a Service Dog for my future Veteran. I arrived to Germany in April and will soon be paired with my future forever Warrior. Currently I am enjoying my visits to the hospital and USO at LRMC.

Chef, service dog in training. Landstuhl, Germany.


My name is Chef and I’m a happy-go-lucky dog. I was born on the  4th of January 2022. Now I am almost 15 months old. My masters tend to forget that I’m still a puppy because of my size, although I am fully grown now and a big dog. I like to hold things in my mouth especially human hands that way I can take you for a walk.


As of now I know all my basic commands like “sit, stand, stay, come, look at me, etc.” but I am still working on not jumping on people. I can’t help it—I love them so much!

Raven, service dog in training

Izzy is Ella's sister. She is currently in Florida with her amazing  puppy raiser. She has mastered her basic commands and is now working on advanced commands as well as her public access skills. She will come to our training facility when she is ready to learn her skills as a service dog and be teamed with a veteran in need. 



Hello, my name is Raven and I am the daughter of Bert. I am so happy to follow in my father's paw prints on my journey to become a Service Dog for my future forever Warrior.


Currently, I am with my handler Alex, as she prepares me to come to Germany. I am actively involved in school and USO visits, I also enjoy watching my human sister at the ice-skating rink as part of my public access training. I love being with people, if you are sitting on the floor or just anywhere you go, I am following to sit on you or just be with you. 


The cutest thing I do is if I have been away from people, I get so excited, that I bounce straight up like a pogo stick, I've got hops like Michael Jordan.

Sam, service dog in training. Helping veterans with physical or mental disability, like PTSD, Ramstein Germany.


I am Sam and arrived to Germany in April together with my cousin Bert.


Although we are both related and Bernedoodles we look nothing alike.


We love our new pack and look out for each other's well-being. I am the perfect hypoallergenic Bernedoodle for someone who suffers from dog allergies. I am enjoying my visits to the hospital and USO at LRMC.

Yellowstone, service dog in training. Ramstein, Germany.


My name is Yellowstone and I became K9s for Veterans Abroad's new trainee in 2023.


I traveled all the way from Florida to Germany and did a wonderful job on the airplane.


I am still a puppy but know many commands and am able to walk with a loose leash throughout buildings. This helps me at the hospital during my visits with the wounded and ill. Everybody says I am so cute and smart - I would agree!

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