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Community Outreach Coordinator

Skyler Nelson

Skyler served in the Army as a Chaplain Assistant. It was during that time that she developed a passion for mental health and service dogs. She contracted Tuberculosis during her deployment to Iraq and ended up with severe lung damage and nerve damage. Her dog, Lugnut, became her service dog and served along side her in the Chaplain's office. Skyler graduated college in 2017 with a Bachelors in Business Management and is currently a graduate student. She lives in Colorado with her husband, Jared, two young sons, their two dogs, and her cat named Mike Hat. She trained her son's Autism Service Dog with the guidance of her favorite trainers, Richard and Verena. Skyler is a veteran advocate who is working with the Mayor of Fountain and Mental Health Colorado on a project for permanent supportive housing near Fort Carson Army Base and Peterson Space Force Base. She understands the challenges that our veterans and their family members face and is the 2021 Veteran of the Year for El Paso County, Colorado. Skyler takes great pride in being a member of the K9's for Veterans Abroad Team and learning from our founders. 

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Alex Leaman

Alex Leaman is a Veteran from Bellingham, WA. She is a military brat whose father served with the Navy and Coast Guard, and has always had an interest in animals. Married to an active-duty service member with 3 children, they have one dog named Zoe, rescued from a shelter in Greece. After obtaining a degree in Applied Meteorological Research from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Alex commissioned as a 2Lt in the United States Air Force. Shortly after finishing her commitment, she decided to attend the College of Western Idaho and received an AA in Culinary Arts. Throughout her life, she has maintained a sincere interest in dogs and believes supporting veterans through service dogs is her next calling. She is honored to be part of the K9s for Veterans Abroad team. 

If you are interested in Volunteering please contact us!

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